What is neumorphism?
Neumorphism is a design trend aiming to create a soft, realistic, and three-dimensional appearance for digital interfaces. Also known as "soft UI" or "new skeuomorphism," neumorphism draws inspiration from skeuomorphism and combines it with modern minimalism and depth.
I developed a reference kit featuring both light and dark modes, centered on neumorphic design principles.
Neumorphism at play
By testing the waters of how neumorphism would look on a mobile application, I created a Remote control interface programmed to toggle colors of an LED light fixture. 

The software will include various tools, including a brightness switch, an RGB color wheel displaying their codes, and a prearranged collection of saved color palettes and themes.
Final Mockups
With a wireframe going, I was able to complete complimentary interfaces that fit the neumorphic style.
A variety of components were designed to better reflect how neumorphism works. Utilizing gentle shadows and restrained color palettes, I achieved a seamless yet impactful appearance for the switches and buttons.
I am super excited about envisioning the future landscape of digital UI design standards. While we currently reside within the realm of flat design, contemplating the potential evolution of styles and themes moving forward is intriguing. This leads me to ponder: Will neumorphism emerge as the successor to flat design, or will we witness the rise of an entirely new trend? How long will the flat design trend endure before transitioning into something else? The dynamic evolution of technology alongside design trends is a fascinating journey to observe.

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