How might we create a ChatGPT dashboard that fulfills user needs?
ChatGPT, one of the stepping stones today in modern technology has become super popular amongst the general public. However, what makes ChatGPT useful? We know it is super intelligent and assists users with answers and advice on practically any topic, but what else can we get from it?
Research: What are people saying?
“Some times the answers are not good, because it invents the answers when it doesn't have the information to answer”

“I like to ask it a simple question, which is impossible to google that fast. Sometimes it does not present accurate answers, so for more serious questions it is always better to confirm the response from a reliable source.”

“There was a time the demand for the product/site was too high that I couldn't get a hold of ChatGPT.”

 Information Architecture
I started off by creating a flowchart for my information architecture. I rounded up all the data based on what is most valuable to the user.
Rough Sketch
I then created a rough sketch based on my flow chart. My goal was to create something easy to read, so I divided up the data into two areas that separate user stats and Chat GPT’s stats.
Final Mockups
Key Features
Usage Metrics - Allows the user to examine their activity data with ChatGPT. 
Topic Metrics - Users can inspect what kinds of topics they have been asking ChatGPT throughout the week. 
ChatGPT Performance Monitor - Monitors the system’s availability and reliability. 
Creativity Adjuster - Users might enjoy engaging with a model that provides unique and interesting answers rather than predictable or repetitive ones.
Colors and Typeface
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